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More for Less.

About MAKA

MAKA Employment Agency is an agency that provides professional employment services to Filipino domestic workers and HK citizens, and aims at improving the service quality of the industry.


We are accredited by the Philippines Consulate of Hong Kong and being strictly monitored and regulated.

You can fill in your criterias to find your desired helpers on the "Search for Helpers" page. MAKA would soon arrange phone, video and face-to-face interviews. Please be welcomed to call/Whatsapp us if you have needs, we are more than happy to help.

Why are we different?

New kinds of employment agencies appear as the demand for domestic helpers continuously increases. Latest agencies rely on technologies such as mobile apps to speed up the process of employing a helper.


MAKA is running a business about people. Our most important value is to understand both the employers and helpers, which ultimately generates good matches.


Our industry name the profile of a worker as "biodata" -  basic information of a person. MAKA applies methods from head-hunting companies and try to understand each helper's personality, working experiences and skills.

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